Joshua Spies Fine Art


IJoshua Spies like painting wildlife because it's timeless. These scenes I paint have gone on for thousands of years. Even though cars are going by my studio at 50 miles per hour, these things still exist. These quiet, natural moments. We get busy with life and things move so fast, but when you take the time to venture into the outdoors, you can see life the way it is and always has been. You can find these timeless moments in nature.

I am inspired by many things, from every day happenings to extraordinary, once in a lifetime experiences. Anything that catches me off guard. When people look at a drawing or painting that I do, I hope they will feel the same emotion I did when I first came upon that scene.

I want them to experience the same split-second reaction I had. An instantaneous, in-your-face feeling. A feeling of awe and excitement and wonder. I enjoy what I do so much. I am continually humbled by the fact that other people want to look at what I create.

– Joshua Spies


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